025 - How to Be More Creative


This is the last episode of Season 1! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for listening to this show. We love putting this show together and we are really encouraged by all of you that listen. We are taking a short break for the holidays but also so we can pre-produce the next season and make it something really special. If there is something specific that you want us to talk about in the next season, let us know! Thanks again guys. Now the show…


When you are full-time freelance and are just getting started. You need to be putting out content weekly. Not only will this help your business, but it will also be "Creative Pushups".

Creativity is a muscle (EPISODE 5: CHECK IT HERE). The more you train that muscle on a regular business, the more creative you will become and the easier it will be for you to accomplish a huge creative effort. You have to show up every single day. That works both ways though, if you are slacking in your Creative Pushups, then your Creative Muscle will become weaker.

Creative Push Ups - personal projects or things that you do for free.

The best way to close The Gap between your talent and your taste is to do a huge body of work. - Ira Glass

If you want to be consistent with your personal projects and creative push ups, you need to create an Editorial Calendar.

Without an Editorial Calendar, it's easy to get lazy. On the Editorial Calendar you have the day you are releasing content, the day you need to start on that content, and the topic itself. Thinking of what to do is often the biggest barrier to entry.

Parameters Promotes Productivity.

You need to feed your brain the proper creative nutrition for it to perform at a high level.


Episode 11 - Photo, Video, or Both?

Choosing which medium to focus on can be scary. Should you be a generalist or a specialist? In our opinion, you should be a specialist that has a generalist knowledge. You don't want to be a Walmart where you are selling everything of an average quality at a low price. It's better to be a boutique where you sell a very limited selection of very exclusive things at very high prices.


Episode 12 - Equipment isn't everything, but it helps.

Equipment isn't everything. It will help you when you are ready for that next piece of gear, but focusing on equipment instead of your talents will hold you back. If not having the right equipment is holding you back from creating, then you need to not worry so much about the equipment and just go make stuff.

Parameters Promotes Creativity.

Putting yourself in a box makes you think outside of it… as weird as that sounds. Limiting yourself to just a few tools makes you really know those and get really creative on how to do new things.

Don't play the waiting game of holding on for that new thing to be released, because your business will be crippled and that new tool might be right for you.


Episode 13 - How to get out of a Creative Rut

Getting started is always the hardest part. Just start making stuff. If you can just get the ball rolling, then you will eventually get some momentum and it will just carry itself, you won't want to stop.

You need to have a Creative Accountability Partner. A person to keep you in check and make sure you are on task. Or even a creative partner! Someone that you can work on stuff together to share load. Make your creative goals public and that person will hold you to them.

Try creating things in different mediums. Make yourself think in a different way by trying something totally different. Get yourself out of a creative rut by putting yourself in a totally different creative field for a little bit. That mental shift can reignite your creativity.

You can't be afraid to fail. If you are trying to get out of a creative rut, nothing is failure, making anything is success. Putting out ok content consistently will lead to incredible content.

Embrace your own mediocrity recognizing that it is the road to excellence.


Episode 22 - How to find your Creative Voice

When you are starting out, you don't know who you are as a Creative.

The best way to finding your creative voice is to steal from all the episodes that inspire you.

A few other tricks to finding your Creative Voice:

  • Look back at what was cool in the past. Trends recycle. Fashion is a great example of this, we are back in the 90s…

  • Combine things that shouldn't go together.

  • Change the Environment that you work in

  • Change the Medium you work in

  • Get off the Grid

Look at what you like and analyze why you like it so much. Get to the core of why you like those things and then apply that to your own work.

Don't let the business get in the way of your Creative Voice. Make time for personal projects to keep developing your creative voice. Your Creative Mind is your most valuable asset, keep it fresh.


We will be back! We will also keep putting out some content until we are back with Season 2, it won't be as consistent as every week, but we won't completely leave you guys hanging.


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