We made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

We want to provide the resource we didn't have when we started freelancing.

Starting out freelancing is tough, especially if you've never run your own business. We did a lot of the wrong things and want to share our experience to help you do all of the right things. 

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Richard Ross

Richard Ross creates content for companies and gets paid for it. Out of college he worked for the clothing company Kiel James Patrick in Rhode Island. After that he moved back home to Dallas and started freelancing. He works with a wide range of companies to help them create content to motivate customers and audiences to buy stuff. Basically he makes stuff interesting enough that people want to jump on board and participate with a company. 

I'm also super tall (if I can jump out of third person for a bit) and I make vlogs. I'm engaged to a smoking hot woman named Layne who also wrote the music for the podcast theme song.

You can check out my work, my vlogs and hire me here: richardross.co


Jake Brown

Jake Brown is a filmmaker based in Ft. Worth. He's good at it, too. He worked for a university after graduating college. He eventually left that job to start freelancing. Jake creates compelling narratives and currently is the film director at The Hills Church in Ft. Worth. Though he has a full time job, that doesn't stop him from hustling on the weekends and freelancing. He constantly has freelance projects in the works. You can hire him too!

I'm not as tall as Richard (he jumped out of third person, I can too). I'm married to my awesome wife Lauren. We have a dog named Lilly. She's shy but adorable.

You can check out my work and hire me here: jakebrown.tv